One Word Challenge
January 27, 2022
Megan Scott

The new year brings a renewed focus for us all. The One Word Challenge encourages people to find their purpose and focus for the year. Read about it here:

We asked our staff to participate, if they so desired, and the results are inspiring. Take a look at their words!

  • Alignment
  • Amplify
  • Anchor – To keep secure from currents and winds. To stabilize in one place.
  • Bird – Ready to just have fun!
  • Breathe – Take a step back, breathe and remind myself everything will work out
  • Caring
  • Common-Sense
  • Connected
  • Coordination
  • Drive
  • Elevate – To lift up or make higher
  • Faith
  • Focus – The center of interest or activity
  • Forward
  • Gratitude
  • Growth
  • Impact – A powerful or major influence or effect
  • Intentional
  • Kaizen – It’s Japanese for continuous improvement
  • Love – Goodness that one chooses to do on behalf of another
  • Mindful
  • Opine – To share one’s thoughts or opinions
  • Overcome
  • Perspective
  • Pray
  • Proactive
  • Purpose – To be intentional and determined to achieve
  • Reduction
  • Salubrious – to describe things as good, pleasant, or more importantly healthy
  • Steadfast
  • Teammate – We’re all just a spoke in the wheel of success
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Happy Holidays from Etica Group! 

This holiday season we are making donations on our client and industry partners behalf to:

Community Harvest food bank in Fort Wayne, IN

Opportunity Enterprises in Northwest, IN

Fallen Firefighters

From Us to You, Thank you!