Etica Group


August 31, 2020

Etica Group doesn’t just display our core values as a cool graphic in each of its offices just to have them.  Beyond that, it has a purpose and a meaning in which we try to remember daily as we go about our work activities.  The first of our core values is accountability.

Etica defines accountability as,  “Embracing and integrating accountability into everything we do, individually and collectively, to honor our commitments and the reputation of our company. We take ownership of our work and strive to deliver excellence, the first time.  Always focusing on finding solutions, not identifying problems.”

Holding ourselves accountable has been at the forefront of our work ethic these last 6 months.  Many of our employees are working remotely and the posters they used to pass every day are hanging on the walls unable to remind them of our way of doing business.  And yet, we have continued to maintain our ongoing level of accountability and deliverables as we always have.  This is how we know we aren’t just displaying cool graphics and words for the sole purpose of saying we have core values. Our employees do embrace their commitments and take ownership.  It’s a part of who we are and the mindset of the staff we employ. That is the Etica way.

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