Core Values Breakout – Collaboration

September 23, 2020

Etica Group’s definition of collaboration is, “Encouraging the diversity within our organization and recognizing that differing viewpoints can help us anticipate needs, widen our basis of understanding, and solve problems. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater achievements than isolated work and individual focus.  Teamwork increases our success and with collaboration, we multiply our contribution.”

Can anyone say that they agree, 100%, all the time with their coworkers? Do you finish each other’s thoughts and never have any varying views?  Doubtful. I know here at Etica Group that is not how it works. That is a good thing, even if getting to the outcome can sometimes be a curved and rocky road instead of a straight and flat one.  If we all have the same opinions, views, and ways of doing things, there would be no growth.  There would be no amazing discoveries and more importantly, there would be no real collaboration.  We would all sit around a table, say the same thing, nod our heads and resume work like robots. Boring!

As a marketer, I love to hear the ideas and opinions of our many incredible engineers.  When collaborating with an analytical thinker, many times, I am stymied. I’m thinking, “How did they come to that conclusion? How do they not see it my way?” In turn, I’m sure they are thinking the same thing about me.

What I’ve come to realize over the years while working in this ever-changing and growing industry is collaboration and different thought processes are a great and necessary thing. We need to listen,  understand each other, and know that others may have more knowledge about a subject than you. This is collaboration.  When we listen and open our minds to differing viewpoints, we realize our way of thinking may not be the best way.  Then we can find common ground that makes sense for the best resolution for the client and our company. The bonus to this is we grow individually and learn to see things that we otherwise may not have.

As Jessica Nickloy, our fearless President and CEO stated during her recent podcast with Andrea Butcher, “You need to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you are,” and, “Not everybody is perfect in everything.”  Another great way of explaining the importance of collaboration.

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