Etica Staff 2021 Thanksgiving photo collage

Etica Group’s staff is thankful for…

November 30, 2021
Megan Scott

Kirsten Harwood – HR Manager

Thanksgiving for us is a time of food, fun and reflection. This year we spent it at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. It was a beautiful day full of lots of card games, fishing, football, and laughter. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to spend so much time with my family.


Amy Curtis – Client Relationship Manager

Thanksgiving for my family has changed a lot over the years… but one thing that has stayed the same is that the most important dish = the cranberries! We always have multiple versions  of cranberry relish/ sauce and everyone is passionate about which one is “the best”. This year we have 3 different versions for our dinner of 9.  Let me know if you want the recipe!


Megan Scott – Director of Strategy

I usually travel over Thanksgiving, but it was nice this year to spend time with my family and start introducing my childhood traditions to my three-year old daughter, like making Daddle-doos. (extra pie dough rolled out with butter, cinnamon, and sugar rolled up and baked. Delicious!)


Edmund Brown – Project Architect


Sheena Lee – Director of Operations

My father-in-law trying to teach my dad how to use chopsticks on Thanksgiving about five years ago. He still can’t figure it out.

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