16 Mar, 2017

Recognized For 2nd Year by Indianapolis Business Journal FAST25

16 Mar, 2017

Indianapolis, IN (July 14, 2016) – the etica group, inc, a leading Indianapolis based certified women-business owned (WBE), professional architectural and engineering consulting firm today announced its ranking as the 23rd fastest growing Indianapolis company on the 2016 IBJ FAST25 list.

Eligibility for the IBJ’s Fastest Growing Companies List included:

Have revenue that increased each fiscal year

Have Revenue that exceeded $1 million in fiscal year 2013

Be a privately held company

Be founded before 2013

Be based in the Indianapolis area

“Making the list last year was a huge surprise for us. Making the list two years in a row is mind-blowing. This is a testament to our planning and future vision to push beyond our limits,” remarks president and ceo, Jessica Nickloy.

The ability to maintain a notable year-over-year growth, for the last two-plus years, is attributed to a few specific components. Assurance in employee abilities and keeping focus on the future are fundamental to this recurring growth. Every employee can and does perform multiple duties when needed. This creates flexibility and efficiency without the need for additional overhead, keeping expenses low. Maintaining a focus on what’s next provides a bigger picture outlook, meaning less time spent in the weeds. This focus

ensures that business develop strategies are consistent, allowing for a more targeted approach in getting the next large client.

Nickloy explains, “I am always looking for the next big thing. If we aren’t persistent we will not be successful. There is always more work. We just have to make sure that the etica group is on the top of the list for consideration. Because our employees are so diverse we have greatly expanded our skillset. We provide our clients with an outlet to get more done from a single outlet. It saves them time and money.”