Camp Atterbury Regional Training Institute Building 6
The Regional Training Institute Building 6 provides short-term housing for persons attending classes in the adjacent Building 5. The original facility, constructed in 1995, needed upgrades to multiple building systems which include life safety (fire alarm), HVAC, lighting and interior finishes. Another need was to provide a design for the units so that each bedroom has its own bathroom and lavatory along with improving the aesthetics, lighting and thermal comfort in the spaces. Building 6 is a two-story structure with a total area of 53,467 gross square feet.
Replacement of existing PTAC units and the addition of an HVAC unit to pressurize the existing building. The pressurized system reduces the amount of moisture infiltrating the single wythe masonry construction.

Replacement of electrical and lighting throughout entire facility.

Corridors and Day Rooms: Replace existing VCT flooring with new vinyl plank flooring. These areas receive a new stained wood wainscot to improve the appearance of the hallways. In addition, the ceilings and lighting will be replaced.

Bedrooms: The rooms will receive new finishes and upgrades to lighting, HVAC along with the addition of a lavatory in the room for occupant use. Each double occupancy bedroom has access to a bathroom.

Bathrooms: These rooms are equipped with new water closet and one-piece shower. The flooring will be ceramic tile. The rooms will also receive new lighting and exhaust.

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