Consolidated Snow Removal Equipment and Storage Facility Indianapolis Airport Authority
The Indianapolis International Airport needed a new facility to house all snow removal equipment, which currently is scattered in several different locations or parked outside other buildings. Two existing facilities in need of replacement include the Salt Storage Building and the Urea Storage Building. Both the Fuel tanks and Acetate tanks as well as Dock area lack overhead protection needed for use in inclement weather. Additionally, the current tank locations complicate the logistics of maneuvering equipment and receiving deliveries at regular intervals, often simultaneously.

The existing vehicle maintenance facilities for the Indianapolis International Airport were inadequate to serve the airport’s growth. The new facility contains 20 equipment storage bays with two maintenance bays. The building system incorporates unique systems for a maintenance facility which include oil separators, specialty exhaust, elevated work platforms, equipment hoists, fire protection, HVAC and electrical.

This project includes 6 architectural structures and site redevelopment includes 2 new access drives.

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