IAA Indianapolis International Airport Stormwater and De- Icing Capacity Project I-17-077
The project consists of relocating and increasing the capacities of the stormwater and de-icing facilities on the Indianapolis International Airport property’s south east side. The project includes replacing two open air, lined basins with a 10-million-gallon buried storage tank that will receive future parking on-top. Additionally, new piping will redirect the stormwater and deicing inflow from the current basins to the new underground storage tank and additional new open aired, lined basins at the corner of Hanna Rd and High School Rd. Hunt/AECOM is the General Contractor and manages 12 bid packages for three storage and control sites, and two linear site. Etica Group is performing RPR services as a sub consultant to Wessler Engineering. Etica’s RPR services include daily documentation of site activities, monitoring Quality Control by the contractor, monitoring Quality Assurance by IAA’s testing firm, and keeping plans and specifications updated with IAA issued Field Transmitted Memorandums.

The estimated construction cost of the project is $102 million.

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