Twin Sludge Lines Rehabilitation Alternatives Evaluation Citizens Energy Group
Citizens Energy Group engaged Etica Group to evaluate options for structurally rehabilitating or replacing all or portions of the existing Twin Transfer Sludge Lines (TRSL) located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The TRSL pipelines transport sludge from Southport AWT Plant to Belmont AWT Plant. The investigation of the viability and impact of each available rehabilitation or replacement alternative, construction cost and duration, and other parameters considered in the study to rehabilitate each of the two sludge lines, yielded recommendations for Citizens Energy Group to act on that are tailored to each line’s specific characteristics, such as: the existing pipe and proposed pipe material selection and hydraulic performance requirements, monetary and societal costs of implementation, and material durability/design life.

Etica Group was selected to complete the design for the replacement of the TRSL pipelines within and between Southport AWT Plant and Belmont AWT Plant. Throughout the design phase, coordination between the multiple private and public entities along the proposed route was vital. Discussions with INDOT regarding their proposed I-69 Interchange located on the existing TRSL system, IP&L and R.H. Marlin regarding easement encroachment, and other entities regarding additional easement acquisition, safety, and other factors were vital to the success of the project. Etica Group also led the Construction Observation process during the construction phases of this project.

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