Building Envelope
Etica Group understands that roofs are a buildings most valuable asset. They require extreme performance and longevity. Our building envelope specialists provide unbiased and non-proprietary solutions to address any roofing or building envelope issue our clients may experience. It is our goal to help extend the service life of our client’s roofs to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality roof that meets their needs, through proper design and installation. Etica Group’s roof consulting encompasses roof repairs, re-cover and/or replacement. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can provide any of these approaches to built-up, modified bitumen or single-ply roofs, metal roofs, liquid membranes, shingles, slate or clay tile roofs. Additionally, Etica Group Building Envelope specialists provide Masonry and Facade Consulting. Locating any masonry issues within a building, including tuckpointing replacement of spalled brick foundation repairs.

Featured Projects

Building Envelope and Masonry Services Include

Roof Consulting/Management Plans Roof Maintenance/Warranty Audits Masonry & Exterior Facade Consulting Water Intrusion Investigation
Asbestos Sampling Infrared Thermography Construction Inspection
Facility Analysis Forensic/Dispute Resolution Roof Replacement Design
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