Engineering Services
Our staff includes Professional Engineers who are thoroughly familiar with the civil engineering design and permitting procedures as established by many agencies throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis DPW, Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis Airport Authority, INDOT, IDNR, and IDEM.  We understand infrastructure life cycles and strive to address our clients’ needs through innovative approaches, while keeping schedules and budgets at the forefront. Our staff utilizes the most current technology available for gathering and analyzing data and developing high-quality engineering documents. We have served on many teams both as a prime and as a sub-consultant.

Featured Projects

Site/Civil Engineering Services

Aviation Utility & Infrastructure Water & Wastewater Systems
Site Development Sustainable Design Hydrology, Hydraulics & Drainage
Utility Coordination Permitting Erosion & Sediment Control

Transportation Design Services

Road Reconstruction or Rehabilitation Intersection Improvements Roundabout Design Traffic Signal & Preemption Design
Trail & Sidewalk Design Drainage Improvements Maintenance of Traffic
Roadway Sign Design Street Lighting Maintenance Improvement Plans

Traffic Engineering Services

Traffic Impact Studies & Operational Analyses Corridor Studies Signal Warrant Analyses Roundabout Analyses
Traffic Simulations Vehicular & Pedestrian Safety Studies Speed Studies & Traffic Calming Traffic Data Collection (Class, Volume & Speed)
Traffic Forecasting Access Management Studies CMAQ, SRTS & HSIP Funding Applications

INDOT Prequalifications

1.1 Systems Planning 2.1 Traffic Data Collection 2.2 Traffic Forecasting 3.1 Non-Complex Traffic Capacity and Operations Analysis 3.2 Complex Traffic Capacity and Operations Analysis
4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis 8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design 8.2 Complex Roadway Design 8.3 Roundabout Design 10.1 Traffic Signal Design 10.4 Lighting Design
16.1 Utility Coordination 17.1 Drainage Design for Driveway Permits 17.2 Small Structure and Pipe Design 17.3 Storm Sewer and Detention Design
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